LOZ is a blog ran by Laurence since december 2007.
It shows emerging photographers in a very simple way: a few pictures
to catch the readers on an artist’s work, and get them to see more.
The blog links photo lovers / editors to photographers.

It became obvious to showcase works another way than the web.
This is how we thought about Lozen up.

Lozen up has been launched by Laurence Vecten,
Séverine Besombes, Pierre Hourquet.
It focuses on publishing and distributing artists works.
It is a non-profit organization.

Laurence Vecten is director of photography for a French magazine.
Séverine Besombes is an amateur photographer.
Pierre Hourquet is a designer, he runs the booksonline project.
Julien Hourcade is a graphic designer.

Laurence Vecten, Pierre Hourquet, Séverine Besombes
and Julien Hourcade all live and work in Paris.


Contact : lozenup(at)gmail(dot)com